Japan’s secret: organization

Toilet map in Lumine Department Store, Shinjuku, Tokyo! 



Moving within Japan

What a Japanese special moving carton looks like!!!Room before moving _ Room after moving


Use it immediately (=>put on top probably)_ I will open it myself

Breakable items Yes / No

Description of what is inside 




10 Japanese quirks we could live without

Hahhahahahhaha! I love it!



As much as we at RocketNews24 love living in Japan, and have learned many life lessons here, we can’t deny that there are some things about the country that simply drive us crazy! It turns out some of these points are universally dreaded by foreigners living here–little quirky things that we just can’t really get used to no matter how long we’ve been in the country.

These are not things that are any big deal overall, but if you’re already having a “bad Japan day” where nothing is really going right, or you’re missing your family, food and cat back home, then encountering  just one of these things can be enough to push you over the edge.

After pooling some common quirky Japanese things we “love to hate,” now allow us to get a few of these things off our hairy chests!

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Japan, this other planet!

I have found this note in my mail box, and I still can’t believe my eyes!
(The below picture only shows a part of it but the essential is there)

We are sorry for the trouble, and we hope it would  be no inconvenience until the end of the construction work.

Please be careful during this period, and if anything occurs, kindly contact the persons whose contact details are listed below.

Note: The construction site might be dangerous for children, so please be careful.


Manners in Japan are no joke!

You see those in the stations and /or in the trains 😀

(Changes according to the line, but the principle is the same. Besides, it a set a time) 

Even drunk, keep your manners!



Careful to your bags and the people around!


Refrain from talking on the phone in the transportation!


Refrain from putting make-up on in the train! (Yes, make-up in the train is so common here!)


Eating in the train is noisy and smelly!


Keep low…


Leave your seats to the elders, pregnant women and so on in the priority seats (douzo! ^^) !


Trip in the kansai area: Osaka – Nara – Kyoto

Osaka, an impressive city and really interesting people! 😀


Nara, the nature dose…

 Deers, everywhere ^^  
Todai-ji 🙂


Forget the time…

Kyoto, no need for comments.












The philosopher’s path


Fushimi inari


Trip in Hiroshima

Unfortunately, I lost my camera (yes I did… ) so I lost all the good pictures as well (of course!!!).

Yet I can at least share two pictures I had the chance to take with my phone (thank God!):

 Miyajima Shrine, a beauty explosion!  

The dome, history…

Hiroahima, more than a town, a humanity lesson.

I hope for everyone to have the chance to see it one day 🙂