Trip in Hiroshima

Unfortunately, I lost my camera (yes I did… ) so I lost all the good pictures as well (of course!!!).

Yet I can at least share two pictures I had the chance to take with my phone (thank God!):

 Miyajima Shrine, a beauty explosion!  

The dome, history…

Hiroahima, more than a town, a humanity lesson.

I hope for everyone to have the chance to see it one day 🙂


3 thoughts on “Trip in Hiroshima

  1. Oh no, you lost your camera??? O___o Happened to me once … Or it got stolen, how should I know? ^^; I hope it was not a really expensive one -.-

      1. Oh no, that really, really sucks -__- If someone stole it I hope he will suffer forever!!! ò.ó

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