Japan is… (Episode 02)


A great super market!

You simply take your basket to the cashiere, and the stuff, item by item, add the price and put it ina different basket on the other side… in order!!!!!!

Then, to not stop the flow and make the persons behind you wait longer, you simply take your new basket (generally a different color from those in the entrance) to a place specifically designed to put your groceries into the plastic bags.

01 02
There you find a place where to throw the trash, if any, and a towel with which you can swip in case of linking or whatever.


On your way out, there is a FREE water (hot and cold) and ice service, and also a place with chairs and tables to sit in case of a quick lunch.

05 04

Oh yeah! Did I say lunch? the microwave is just over there buddy!!!!!!

Once home, with your – generally great  yet not too sweet – dessert you have a spoon, and with your instant cup, you have the chopsticks and even a toothpick.

07 06

Difficult to compete with that, huh?

Where is the sun? :p


It is not raining, it is simply the popular umbrella in Japan, protecting you from the UV.
Most of Japanese women carry them because, unlike European women, Asian women refuse to have tanned skins and do anything to protect their “white” colour.
But today it was so cloudy that not even a single ray of sun was there, so why the umbrella???

Maybe even the eventuality of seeing the sun is enough! ===> Seriously? -__-“

Please, take your ease!


That woman that I have never seen in my life, was sleeping, like most Japanese people do in the trains, and her head kept falling on my shoulder (which is also very usual in Japan, sometimes there are hilarious scenes!).
I couldn’t do much about that, I kept moving my shoulder, (and sometimes I even faked getting up) but without any result, she was barely lifting her head and the second after that, simply came back to that cosy position XD
I stopped trying and took a picture instead :D

仕方がない (Shigata ga nai / It can’t be helped)

This “it can’t be helped” mind set may be an explanation why Japanese have this great ability to NEVER complain.

Everything is simply “Shigata ga nai” or “shō ga nai (しょうがない)”. A long wait, a bad situation at work (e.g. a bad working atmosphere), … all of those can’t be helped so why complain? Just deal with it.

It is very debatable whether this is a good or a bad thing.

Good because it makes people just go on, bad because somehow it makes you not seek for “better”. (for one’s sake)

Japanese culture, so unique, right?